Private vs Public

7 Apr 2021

Talking about your Personal Life at Work

There is a fine line between being aloof and overly familiar. Social protocols dictate what sort of information is shared between people, be they strangers, work colleagues, friends or family relations. It is generally understood that the closer the relationship, the deeper the levels of communication. Work environments are considered to be places of employment driven largely by an economic imperative.

However, because we are social beings and spend at least a third of our lives interacting with others through our work, it is understandable that these relationships can become quite personal. Unfortunately, the power imbalance that often exists between an employer and an employee, or work colleagues, means that the associated risks of mishandling personal information makes disclosure of personal matters a potentially counter-productive and career limiting exercise.

Having said this, issues whether personal or professional are inevitable in our daily relationships, and people do need to be able to address these issues in the most direct and constructive way. This is where personal boundaries and the ability to be assertive become critical in order to achieve adult to adult relationships, whether at home or at work.

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