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2 Jun 2020

Men’s Initiation Circles (MIC) – Launching on Monday 8th June 2020!!!

Brian Blem in collaboration with Bongile Mkhumbeni is launching MIC. They invite you to join an MIC and go on a twelve-week structured journey with other men, to discover the truth – you do have what it takes!

The process of male initiation will happen online via Zoom through group therapy, led by Brian, a counselling psychologist with a special interest in Men’s Work, Couple Counselling and Career Coaching, and co-facilitated by Bongile, an Entrepreneur and Activist for Social Upliftment and Change.

Male initiation is often misunderstood and associated with the negative experiences many of us have had at school and in other institutions where initiation was often destructive and humiliating, rather than constructive and healing. MIC aims to redress this unfortunate reality and restore the place of conscious male initiation as a life-giving and inspirational aspect of being a man.

Weekly sessions will be conducted from 16:00 to 17:00 on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, depending on the group you chose to be in, and spaces are limited to eight initiates per group. The cost is R200.00 per session. Fees need to be paid in advance for a four-week period (R800.00) and these fees are claimable from certain medical aids.

For more information contact Brian on

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