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9 Feb 2016

Is penis-size paramount?

Let me start with a direct quote on the matter from The Act of Marriage by Tim & Beverly LaHaye:

“Many men are almost paranoid about the size of their genitalia, and woman are almost as concerned with their breast size. Unfortunately ignorance usually produces ungrounded fear, and such fear proves a greater sexual deterrent than the size of their organs. Actually, no matter how tall or short the man, his erect penis is almost always six to eight inches long, and as we previously pointed out, three inches would be adequate for propagation and wifely satisfaction.”

I think most adult readers understand what makes for a fulfilling intimate relationship between a man and a woman – commitment, safety, honesty and integrity.

Sexual fulfilment is far more than sex and orgasm. It is about the emotional connection and understanding that two people share with one another. And for a woman, foreplay and being properly aroused has very little to do with the size of a man’s penis, but more to do with a man’s understanding of what it takes to pleasure his partner.

Having said this, every couple experiences issues within a relationship around things their partner does or does not do. However, when the issue relates to a physical characteristic, such as penis size, then this is a far more serious and difficult matter to resolve as there is not a great deal a person can do to change their God-given physical attributes.

Of course cosmetic surgery has proliferated in the last thirty years as people chose to alter and enhance their physical appearance. But when it comes to penis enlargements, I don’t think this is a proven or advisable route to take, which leaves affected men in a very difficult position.

A man’s masculinity is strongly related to his ability to be an effective lover, and being appreciated by his partner goes a long way to supporting his self concept and his success in this department. Any negative feedback can be quite devastating, which is why couples need to share in a considerate and respectful way what they are thinking, feeling and wanting, both in the bedroom and elsewhere in their lives.

I still don’t believe that penis size is of such importance to a woman that it would be a reason for an extra marital affair.

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