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Counselling Psychologist: Brian Blem

brianBrian A Blem – MA Counselling Psychology (UP), BA Honours Psychology (UJ), BA Honours Business Studies (Portsmouth Polytechnic, UK); HPCSA Prac no. 0318698.

Brian is a passionate and inspired psychologist with a special interest in Men’s Work, Couple and Marriage Counseling, and Career Coaching. His approach to therapy is client centered and integrative, incorporating psycho-dynamic, behaviorist, systemic and existential theoretical constructs , and Biblical principles.

Brian’s primary interest is human relationships and how we impact upon one another in healing or hurtful ways. His objective is to create a supportive environment in which his clients feel safe enough to explore their past and present experiences in order to better understand and promote their own healing and personal development. He believes we all intrinsically know what is best for our lives, but due to unhelpful conditioning, negative programming and societal pressures, we often struggle to realise our true potential. Understanding and accepting who we are is a key step towards knowing what we ultimately want to accomplish in life, so Brian sees therapy as there to help his clients discover and celebrate more of who they are.


Chiropractor: Dr Lana Panagis

Dr Lana Panagis – MTech Chiro (SA); MCASA Prac no. 0523232

Lana is a highly-competent Chiropractor working with infants, children and adults. She uses her skills to help clients achieve and happy and healthy spine for a happy healthy life! Lana works on the principal that the spine houses the nervous system, which controls every cell, organ, joint and muscle in the body.

Lana assists clients to deal with the stress of modern-day living and can help with problems such as neck pain, headaches, migraines, back pain, pregnancy-related backache, muscular pain, colic and reflux in infants, joint problems and all joint problems as well as muscular aches and pains.

Lana’s office is a place of caring, relaxation and healing.

Chiropractor: Dr Natasha Flemmer

Dr Natasha Flemmer – MTech Chiro (SA)

Natasha completed her Masters qualification of chiropractic at the University of Johannesburg and was later invited to join the Golden Key International Honours Society following her completion of the course. Natasha is an ambitious and knowledgeable practitioner who aims to provide quality chiropractic care to each of her patients. She has a multidisciplinary approach with an honest interest in supporting patients in their healing process and journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

The chiropractic adjustment is her primary tool in practice, however, she also utilises modalities such as massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial dry needling, kinesio taping and muscle activation. Natasha enjoys working with people of all ages, from family members to the active sportsperson.  Natasha is also a member of the Allied Health Professions Council and the Chiropractic Association of South Africa.

Educational Psychologist: Charlene Wessels

Charlene Wessels – MEd Psych (UJ) Cum Laude, BEd Hons (UNISA) Cum Laude, PGCE (UNISA) Cum Laude, BA (UP); HPCSA Practice no. 0719730 I PS 0137545

Charlene is a passionate and competent Educational Psychologist with a special interest in children and adolescents. She enjoys guiding and assisting them on their path to academic, emotional, social and behavioural wellness. She also enjoys working with parents, providing parental support.

As a bilingual South African, Charlene practices in both English and Afrikaans. Charlene’s therapeutic approach is holistic and integrative as she believes we are all unique individuals, as such she chooses the therapeutic approach that is best suited to each child, adolescent, individual or family. She utilizes a wide range of therapeutic techniques from different therapeutic approaches including psycho-dynamic, cognitive behavioural, humanistic, systemic and integrative approaches. She believes in utilising an eco-systemic approach which takes all the environmental factors and individuals that have an impact on a child’s life into consideration.

It is Charlene’s aim to assist, guide, inspire and make a difference in children and adolescents’ lives.